Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beware Of GTA V Beta Offers, and others are a SCAM!!!

There is a rogue site doing the rounds lately claiming to be GTA V beta. it is infact a scam and no such thing exists. the site in question is and it states:

"Welcome to, the only place where you can get the Grand Theft Auto 5 beta for free! We give out only 300 beta downloads a week because of the limited amount we have due to popularity. Because of this, you are limtied to one(1) download per person. The betas work and are 100% functional."

Do not fall for this junk. it could be a virus or something. no GTAV beta exists. please share this post with your friends to warn them too.

Another site is which again is a scam. if you know of any others please do leave a comment and we will post it up.

Update: here is another fake scam site offering GTAV beta
Another update: here is another fake scamming site 

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