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GTA V In Next Edition Of GamesMaster Magazine, On Sale June 19th

we have moved to a new home. please visit http://www.gta-v5.com/2012/05/31/gta-v-in-next-edition-of-gamesmaster-magazine-on-sale-june-19th/ to read the article

new website opening www.gta-v5.com

we have launched another website which we will be slowly moving over to. http://www.gta-v5.com/ is where our new home will be. we are still under construction but there is some content there for now. we are still working on graphics and so on.. make sure you bookmark us :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

GTA V 2nd Trailer Launch Date June 4th

We have all been waiting on the 2nd GTA V trailer to come out and nothing has yet, but from what i understand if our source is legit, There will be a 2nd trailer coming out the day before E3 on June 4th, This is unconfirmed right now but we can only hope.

This is just a little update about the trailer. and if it does come out on june 4th, Then you seen the news here first :)

Fingers crossed.

Monday, 28 May 2012

GTA V Easter Egg in Max Payne 3

I was just browsing GTAFORUMS and noticed a post by user CantPauseToast, Who made a pretty cool discovery while playing Max Payne 3 multiplayer. 

He found an office with images of planes up on the wall which look like they were recorded in-game.

However, the planes don't appear in Max Payne 3, and 2 of them look identical to the planes featured in last year's Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer. 

So there's a very good chance that the screenshots in the above picture were recorded in GTAV! Source

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

GTA V Early Alpha test Fort Carson Energy Complex, shipping docks and part of the map leak!

This Video is from the same person who uploaded the GTA V testing facility video which we can confirm is real, Also confirmed real by our Take Two Employee.

GTA V Early Alpha test Fort Carson Energy Complex, shipping docks and part of the map leak!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Vehicle List Leaked Thanks To Max Payne Disc

Free GTA V Copy

Seems that Max Payne 3 disc holds information on GTA V vehicles.

This would not be the first time that GTA files have been found in non GTA games. Games such as Bully and Red Dead have all been cracked and inside them they to have shown to hold vehicle and other information relating to a GTA game.

Update: Though nothing is still confirmed, if you look at the boat there is one called “EdBoat”.  Nearly a year ago a job description was posted for GTA5 actors. One of the roles was going to play a character by the name of “Eddie McReary”. There’s also another one suggesting that it belongs to a character “sabs_boat”. And concerning whether these are Max Payne vehicles, Max Payne 3 does have snow on some levels, however, none of the snow vehicles listed are in any of scenes.

Updated Number 3: Some weapons have also been leaked:

Baretta (M9?)
Desert Eagle
Updated #2: More codes have been found:

std bike
sport bike
vespa bike
harley bike
dirt bike
wayfarer bike
bmx bike
mtb bike
choppa bike
quad bike
Mini boat

It’s unlikely that this is the full list of vehicles. Also this may be an early build of the list suggested by forum postings.

48 Cars
5 Bikes
10 Heli’s
1 Plane
25 Boats
9 Train models


trash (Trash Master?)






Thanks Fantaseb/Twisted89 of the GTAForums

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5′s Release “Date” Leaked by Amazon

Grand Theft Auto 5′s release date has been leaked by Amazon. It had to happen, and now was the time. Amazon UK recently updated the release “date” on the console version of the game. It’s not the exact date, but here: it’s this year.
Apparently the game is due for release this December. I’m doubting they accidentally put it up, so it’s possible that RockStar Games will be giving more information about the anticipated title.
In case Amazon removes the date, here’s a screenshot.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

GTA 5 October Release Date 'Preferred' By Rockstar, Will Hit Sales Of 18m - Report

GTA 5 could jump into former BioShock Infinite release slot, says analytical firm Wedbush Securities. Published on May 10, 2012

Grand Theft Auto 5 could be set to launch in October following BioShock Infinite's delay to February according to a report by Wedbush Securities.

"We believe that October is the preferred release month for GTA V’s developer, Rockstar Games, as the studio has scheduled every prior GTA release during that month (with GTA IV delayed to April 2008, due to bugs in the PS3 version)," reads the report.

Wedbush Securities goes on to speculate "that once Rockstar Games notified Take-Two that GTA V would be ready by October, Take-Two gave Irrational Games the option to spend more time fine-tuning BioShock Infinite."

Take-Two could then give both releases its "undivided attention," the report states, adding that Take Two could reveal more during an invesor call on 22 May or "by E3", adding that the publisher's current financical forecast would be tough to achieve without a GTA release in the current financial year.
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

GTA V to be shown before E3? A number of analysts seem to think so

A growing number of analysts, including some of the ones we have spoken with, believe that Grand Theft Auto V will be shown right before E3. One of the best known analysts, none other than Michael Patcher at Wedbush Morgan, believes that Rockstar will show it in a pre-show blowout before E3. Some we have spoken with claim that it is possible, while others tell us they doubt it will happen.

Patcher claims that Rockstar has outgrown the show and thinks they are way too cool to attend, and they instead would rather steal everyone’s thunder by dropping this bomb right before the event starts. It should be noted that Rockstar North has not participated in E3 in a long time. The last time we remember they attended was when they showed up at Sony’s press conference showing Agent for the PS3.

Release dates for GTA V are being tossed around, suggesting an October launch. With BioShock 2 scheduled for release in October, it is hard for us to think that Take 2 would push two big games like this out so close together, as this could have the potential to impact sales for both titles.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pre-Order Max Payne 3 At Future Shop, Get $20 Towards GTA V, First DLC Free At Best Buy

Future Shop has started a new pre-order bonus for the upcoming Max Payne 3 and it will give you a good chunk of money off of the upcoming Rockstar blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto V. 

By pre-ordering the game in-store, you will receive a $20 off voucher on your receipt that you can present when GTA V is launched to receive $20 off of the game. If you pre-order the game online instead from either Future Shop, Best Buy USA, or Best Buy Canada, you receive the first paid DLC (not specified what it will be) for free, presumably a code in an email when the pack is available.

Also, at Best Buy USA only, Reward Zone members can get up to a $20 gift card back, http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Games-Promotions/Reward-Zone-Gamers-Club-Offer/pcmcat264800050003.c?id=pcmcat264800050003

Friday, 6 April 2012

The GTA series has been selected to feature in an exhibition of British Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum

The “British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age” exhibition is a “celebration of UK contributions to the world of art and design in the post-war era”, and covers the period from London’s 1948 ‘Austerity Olympics’ to the present day. The series’ inclusion is not the first time video games have appeared in a major museum. The National Media Museum in Bradford keep an archive of major video game releases, and America’s Smithsonian Museum in Washington is currently running ‘The Art of Video Games’. 

Grand Theft Auto was originally created as an open world game for PC and Sony PlayStation by Edinburgh based DMA Design in 1997. However, the series breakthrough came with Grand Theft Auto III for PlayStation 2 which garnered critical acclaim for its rich and detailed setting Liberty City. GTA III arguably popularised the open-world template, and Rockstar have continued to build on this legacy with subsequent Grand Theft Auto games, and titles such as Old West adventure Red Dead Redemption. 

The last game in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV, was the fastest selling game in the UK at the time of its release and the series as a whole has sold over 114 million copies worldwide. In a statement, developers Rockstar said “We're honoured to announce that the Grand Theft Auto series has been selected for inclusion in the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition - Representing each Grand Theft Auto title in the franchise and showcasing the innovation of living metropolises and open world gameplay, the exhibit features a commemorative video chronicling the history of the Grand Theft Auto series”.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

GTA V Official Release Date Confirmed

We have some good news GTA V Fans, After contacting rockstar many times about the game and release date, We have finally been given a date, which is yet to be released to the public, Why we got it first i do not know but you will never know unless you ask. So that's what we did and i can confirm the release date of GTA V is December 17th 2012, why this date i do not know but in a statement from rockstar they have confirmed with us, See below:

"Hi and thank you for writing to us, We can confirm that GTA V will be released no later than December 17th 2012 in time for christmas, We have not released any info to the public yet and understand the fans frustration, However we are glad to tell you guys that it will indeed be out this year"

then they go on to tell us about the trailer and so on, We asked about the 2nd trailer and was told it will be out within the next week or so, Keep your eyes peeled.

So there you have it, GTA V will be released December 17th 2012 as confirmed in a email sent by Rockstar on 01/04/2012

Saturday, 31 March 2012

GTA V Released Early???

Well thats if you believe a user on our facebook page who is claiming to already own a copy of gta. He writes on our page "Hey guys, i just got my copy of gta 5 :D" and then posts a pic to go with it. which you can clearly see is fake and using images already on the internet.

DO not fall for these scams. he is trying to fool you. and i bet he will also add it to youtube to try and scam others. here is the image below.

And here is the fan made cover that he is using to pretend he got gta v

all he did was edit the top of the art to replace pc with ps3.

So people think we really are that stupid?

Monday, 26 March 2012


Someone claiming to be a friend of a recently fired Rockstar employee has posted a bunch of Grand Theft Auto V details online.
The original information was posted on Gamespot’s Forums but has since been deleted.
The poster claims that his friend, ”recently got sacked from RockStar North for general misconduct,” and since his contract is no longer valid he has decided to release the information.
According to the information, the main protagonist is called Albert de Silva who is a member of a former Vice City crime gang. Silva has decided to move away from the gang lifestyle and settle in Los Santos with his son Kevin.
GTA V’s map will be around five times larger than GTA IV’s with Los Santos taking up around half of this area. The map will be split into three areas which can all be explored via aircraft.
The game will apparently feature 32-player multiplayer, and players can create gangs and earn rep. Gang activities include robbing stores and sneaking into military bases to steal weapons. Gang leaders can rank members and set objectives.
Finally the source mentions that the game will release May 2013.
Some other information:
  • Police chases are now way more than either running or driving. Depending on how wanted you are, police may bring out riot shields and flash bangs. When someone reaches 4 star wanted level, there will be a radio warning on some stations.
  • Radio stations now do traffic reports that are actually correct. So if you don’t know what route to take, you can check the traffic reports on your phone or the radio.
  • The in-game TV now has many more channels
  • The protagonist does not die unlike in the last two Rockstar games.
  • The underworld actually has a working economy that you can contribute too by buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal cars in single-player.
  • The protagonist can take drugs which will have some effects. Smoking weed on the street will lead to getting a one star wanted level.
  • Police cars will go after you if you’re obviously breaking the speed limit. Having high speed crashes will also damage your health.
This is a lot information to take in, and it’s hard to determine how real it is. Based on the source we’re incredibly reluctant to believe any of it, but some points do make sense, such as the gang activities and rep earning as we’ve already been told that ‘Crews’ can be carried over from Max Payne 3. We really hope that the point about the police chasing you if your blatantly speed is false, as this could really wreck some of the high-speed fun you can have in the game and will certainly annoy a lot of fans. We’ll have to wait for a comment from Rockstar to find out the real truth.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Chief Magazine: GTA V details and Images coming next week

IT seems like Grand Theft Auto franchise fans will have the first details and images of GTA V next week. Nederlands Magazine "Chief" has released cover of its upcoming April issue teasing fans that GTA V details is coming next week. 

The text on the cover reads as follow after translation: 
The mystery solved 
The first images 
Los Santos already mapped 
Who will be the new Niko Bellic? 
The tweet along the image stated, “Next week in stores, now already on your plate: the first GTA 5 cover in the world.” 

We have the this teasing cover for you below. Check it out. Well we still can't guarantee that new information about GTA V will arrive next week as this teaser cover might be a fan-made who is trying to play a BIG APRIL FOOL JOKE on Grand Theft Auto community

GTA V Multiplayer to feature "Crews"

In a new interview with IGN focused on Max Payne 3, Dan Houser has revealed that GTA V's multiplayer will support "Crews" that are to be introduced with Max Payne 3 and will be used in future Rockstar titles. Crews are essentially clan-like groups where you are rewarded for playing with other members of your crew and completing objectives together. You will also be matched with other people in your crew during matchmaking. 

"The beauty of this system is that crews persist over time and across future games. Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward. And by creating crews through Social Club, the crews that you create in Max Payne 3 will be ready and available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V from day one. It's all part of our larger approach to make multiplayer deeper and richer than what's currently available, much more easily accessible to the newcomer and rewarding for the hardcore." 

 The interview focuses on how crews will be used in Max Payne 3, but it gives an indication for how GTA V's multiplayer may be affected by them. Read the full interview on IGN to get a better understanding of their purpose.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

GTA V Release Date March 2013, Says Analyst

According to a Forbes report, Bhatia predicts publisher Take-Two will opt to push the game back to the March 2013 quarter as opposed to December 2012. 

Furthermore, he feels the open-world crime sequel will benefit from an early 2013 launch due to less competition and increased installed base for the current crop of home consoles. Bhatia also feels a Wii U version is a possibility.

GTA V was unveiled in November 2011 via a short teaser trailer, though Rockstar hasn’t committed to a release date at present.

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

GTA V News coming sooner than we think?

So it seems GTA V news could be coming sooner than we all think, That's if the recent changes to their website is anything to go by. http://rockstarnorth.com/ has or is about to get a new look, And by the looks of it, It will contain GTA V info. Why do we say this? well if you go back to what http://rockstarnorth.com/ use to look like http://web.archive.org/web/20110716082659/http://www.rockstarnorth.com/ you can see GTA IV all over the page etc. and with the recent edit to the website, The new pics contain GTA V logo aswell as other GTA pics.

So guys keep your eyes peeled to http://rockstarnorth.com/ as it looks like GTA V news is about to come to us finally :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Guess The Release Date And Win A Copy Of GTA V

That's right, you could win yourself a copy of GTA V if you correctly guess the release date. Simply follow the instructions to below to find out how you can win a copy.

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3) Guess the release date of GTA V by leaving a comment below with your date and name etc. include your email so we can contact you if you win.

Finally. we will contact the winner once the official release date has been announced, Good luck everyone :)

GTA V may have a surprise second developer

While the world waits for some juicy information regarding a final release date for GTA V, some interesting details have now emerged regarding the current development status on Rockstar’s upcoming game.
You would have thought that Rockstar would be having complete control of the game and oversee its development 100%, but fresh rumors this week are suggesting that Rockstar may be getting some help in certain gameplay aspects from 2K Czech – the developers of the popular Mafia franchise.


It obviously hasn’t been confirmed by either 2K Czech or Rockstar yet, but sources have told VG247 that 2K Czech may have been assigned to the game to help out with producing animations which will be used in cut scenes and other moments in the game.

Those of you who have played Mafia II will know that it is not a bad looking game at all, and actually a game which is definitely in the mold of a GTA-style game.

Having two heads is always better than one in our opinion, so we think this is a great move for Grand Theft Auto V if this turns out to be be correct. We’ve added a screenshot from Mafia II below to let you see the similarities between 2K Czech and Rockstar.

We should also tell you that the source adds that Rockstar may be helping 2K Czech out in return by helping to work on Mafia III – so it’s a win win for everyone.

Unfortunately, Rockstar appears to be keeping fans waiting until announcing the next piece of information on the game. We’re guessing that this will come at E3 2012, but the next time we see the game – it has to be some gameplay finally. Let us know your thoughts on 2K Czech possibly contributing to GTA V – do you welcome this or not?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Potentially damaging GTA 5 rumors

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Months after the release of the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, details on the game have remained fairly scarce. Now however, information about the direction of the upcoming sequel is finally coming to light.

“The greatest thing about the franchise’s last visit to San Andreas wasn’t the action, or story, or freedom to explore a huge, detailed world,” said Leslie Benzies, long-time producer of the GTA series. “It was the game’s meticulous attention to the protagonist’s physiology. If you ate too much, your character would become fat and sluggish; if he spent a lot of time at the gym he’d get stronger. That’s the sort of thing that gets people invested, that really makes them believe in the world of the game. With Grand Theft Auto V, we’re really pushing that to the forefront to make the most exciting open-world action game/health and personal hygiene simulator ever released.”

GTA: San Andreas’ character development mechanics will be returning in even greater detail. While its predecessor’s tracking of the player’s physical condition was relatively simple, Grand Theft Auto V will have a much more detailed system. “It’s not just a matter of going to the gym, doing some button-mashing to lift some weights, and getting stronger. You’ve got to exercise all the major muscle groups- quads, lats, abdominals, everything- as well as aerobic exercise to maintain cardiovascular health. You’ll also have to maintain proper levels of hydration, have appropriate rest periods between sets, remember to wipe off the equipment afterward if you’re using an exercise machine- all the fascinating minutiae of exercise.

“The player will have tremendous freedom to choose different training options according to the sort of development they want for their own character, whether it’s weight machines, treadmills, jogging, the StairMaster, free weights, isolation exercises, deadlifts, squats, or injecting various mixtures of anabolic steroids, amphetamines, and human and animal hormones into your buttocks. You’ll have to choose wisely, of course, or you may end up with a huge upper body and little stick legs, or be unable to throw a decent punch because you’ve developed huge biceps but neglected your triceps, or become so ‘roided up that you become an acne-covered, tiny-balled, man-bosomy rageaholic or, God forbid, a Gears of War character.”

Other physical attributes of the main character will also play an important role during gameplay, requiring players to carefully monitor and manage things like their current bowel and bladder capacity, blood sugar, hair length, body odor, breath odor, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, beard length, sperm count, sun exposure and sunscreen SPF, fingernail and toenail length, blood alcohol content, risk of dangerous interactions between prescription medications, and many other important stats.

“There will be a lot of challenging minigames to really bring the character to life,” Benzies said. “Showering, shaving, applying various creams and lotions, using the toilet, brushing your teeth, changing your contact lenses, ‘taking care of business’ when your character gets lonely, and lots of others. Videogame development is a conservative industry. I’m sure there are naysayers who will insist that fans of the Grand Theft Auto series won’t want to have to periodically interrupt the game’s usual intense intense action and excitement to play minigames that revolve around mashing buttons to successfully mix a protein shake, or maintain correct posture during a shoulder press, or douse yourself in aftershave to conceal how long it’s been since you’ve showered, but we believe gamers are a lot more open to innovation than they’re given credit for.”

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GTA 5 in-game TV station???

Found another interesting article today, Grand Theft Auto V fans have been getting excited about some recent news and it’s no surprise that the rumor mill has now begun once again. There is a possibility that we could get to see an in-game TV station within GTA 5, and this has now created a great deal of interest, as some of our readers have already been coming up with a few ideas of their own.

There seems to be a consensus that an in-game TV station would be a great idea because this could allow you to watch the police chases that you are involved in, which will be filmed by those who are doing the chasing. There has even been a suggestion of an MMO route for GTA V, which would make a new TV feature ideal because you would get to see other players on it.

These rumors have only been sparked off since we learned that Take-Two has registered ‘GTA TV‘ and ‘Rockstar TV‘ and have both been described as the same thing, which you can see for yourself in the previous links. It’s hard to know what Rockstar is planning here, as they could either offer something truly unique to the latest game from the Grand Theft Auto series or it could just be a tactical move.
We did find one idea alarming and that is yet another piece of standup routine by Ricky Gervais, yes he is good but the comedian doesn’t go with GTA in any way. There is another idea that could be of interest to fans of the franchise and that is a TV channel on the Rockstar website, which could allow you to upload your own cool in-game content direct to the website.

It has been suggested that some sort of video editor allowing you to export to YouTube could be why these two names have been trademarked, but the fear is that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are not powerful enough for a replay feature although we are not too sure on this claim.

All this speculation is good but what we really need is another trailer and we already know the second trailer is around 2 months away. This does make things a little difficult because fans of the game were hoping for something a little sooner, as all they have had to go on is just one video teaser and a huge amount of gossip.
GTA V with some sort of TV tie-in is just one of a long line of rumors; others include the possibility of modding in the game, characters, mini games, a release date and so much more.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

GTA V - Possible New features Part 1

GTA V - Possible New features Part 1

Cool video we found on youtube which was uploaded recently

New GTA V Leaked Map???

New GTA V Leaked Map? (UNCONFIRMED) Leaked Map image taken from the Rockstar North Team.

Your Thoughts?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

GTA V Release Date: 23 November 2012

GTA V Release Date: 23 November 2012, Well thats if you believe the online store Zavvi, They have put GTA V on site with a release date and can be seen here http://www.zavvi.com/games/platforms/ps3/gta-grand-theft-auto-v-5/10569986.html

As we said before. No official release date has been confirmed yet, so all these sites telling you a date are wrong and only doing so to attract more visitors to their websites, (LINKBAITING)

We can confirm one thing from contacting Rockstar in the past and from official tweets about the GTA 5 release date, which is any launch date is pure guessing and no stores have a real date. This has been confirmed before by Rockstar, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen precise dates left as placeholders on retailer websites.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Rockstar: New GTA V Details In A Few Months Time

Rockstar has confirmed that it is set to reveal some new Grand Theft Auto V information … “in a few months’ time.”
Responding to a question during a recent Q&A session for Max Payne 3:

“When will we know more about #GTAV” - Fash08 (via Twitter)
“When’s the release date for GTA5” - Akiieran (via Twitter)
“Can we expect a 2nd trailer this year for GTAV?” - mats hoi
“Any more news about GTAV on the way, I can’t wait!!!!” - mattoneill1991 (via Twitter)

First of all, we’d like to again thank you and everyone out there for the amazing response to the debut Grand Theft Auto V trailer. We know that there are a ton of questions you all have about the game, including release date and lots else.
Right now, we are very hard at work on the game and are excited as well to show and tell you more as development progresses - expect that we'll be talking much more about GTAV starting at some point in a few months’ time.
Please hang tight until then and thank you all for your patience and support!

“Rockstar, I really can't wait for new information about the new GTA. And is it only in Los Santos or too in SF and LV?” - MatsvanStam

As we revealed in our announcement about the game being officially in full development, Grand Theft Auto V is set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches – and it will be the largest and most ambitious open world game we’ve ever created…

Source : Q&A

Sunday, 12 February 2012

GTA V Wallpapers/fan Art

Thanks to user Speetix at gtaforums, They have made some excellent GTA V fan art, Check out the pics below. Click images to enlarge.

GTA V To Use New Revolutionary Speech Graphics?

Since Rockstar announced GTA V fans of the franchise have been interested in many aspects of the game, such as a release date, characters, the story and graphics. There is another feature of the game that seems to have been overlooked and that is speech technology, which for some gamers is as important as the graphics themselves.

Having already covered the issue of MotionScan and how it’s more than likely not going to feature in Grand Theft Auto V, there are other ways to make the game more realistic and how the characters face reacts when they are talking will be of great importance to some gamers.

There is a new technology called Speech Graphics and could be a better system than MotionScan due to that technology requiring less storage space, which is a bigger issue for Xbox 360 users because it would not require as many discs as a game does with MotionScan. The team behind Speech Graphics would be able to work with Rockstar very closely due to the fact they are also based in Edinburgh.
While the technology involved is very complex the idea is not, as their multi-lingual solution uses muscle dynamics and acoustic analysis in order to manipulate a characters face in order for it to match each and every word being spoken.

As yet neither companies have announced any sort of partnership, but according to this article a big developer company and a motion capture studio have begun an integration process. While we have no information as to what companies these are, it’s a strong bet that the triple-A developer mentioned could be Rockstar Games – what do you think?

We hope to hear more about this and other aspects of GTA V next month during the Game Developers Conference 2012, as Speech Graphics will be showcasing their technology and if Rockstar is involved it shows they are trying to stay one-step ahead of the competition.

Looking at the video of the technology in action below it’s easy to see the benefits this would have in a game, along with being less data intensive, but we cannot help thinking the facial expressions still needs some work. The details in the movement of the mouth, muscles and lower part of the face are spot on, but we have noticed how expressionless the upper part of the face is such as the eyes and forehead, which are important when it comes to determining the emotions of a person.

Let’s say this technology were to be implemented into GTA V then more work needs to be done or we could have emotionless characters running around. If we are to believe that Grand Theft Auto V will still be out this year then Speech Graphics and Rockstar has to be much further into this partnership than we think – if they are the developer of course.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Progress made on GTA V development

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Take-Two confirms no release date yet

During Take-Two’s financial call the company confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V was “…making great progress” in development, but the company was still far from “determining a window of release.” This news isn’t going to make GTA V fans happy.

The analysts that we have spoken with seem to agree with our analysis that GTA V will most likely arrive during Take-Two’s upcoming fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2013. Still, knowing that most analysts are speculating about this, Take-Two has remained eerily quiet, which just adds to the mystery.

During the call, Take-Two revealed no specifics about GTA V beyond saying that the game “…promises to continue Rockstar’s track record of delighting fans and raising the bar in interactive entertainment.”

another article mentioning march 2013 as release date. hmmm i wander?

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GTA V Release Date March 2013?

According to this website they have GTA V up for pre order http://www.wog.ch/index.cfm/details/product/25528-GTA-5 which they are saying will be released march 2013.

Is this true or yet another retailer linkbaiting to attract more visitors? who knows? we dont believe any release dates yet until confirmed by rockstar. until then all so called release dates are BS.

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Max Payne 3 Delayed Until May, Debunks GTA 5 Release Date Rumours

Rockstar has confirmed that Max Payne 3 will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 15 May in North America, and 18 May in Europe - it'll follow on PC on 29 May and 1 June in each respective territory.

[Original story]
Max Payne 3's release date has been bumped from March to May 2012, publisher Take-Two has confirmed.

Rockstar is set to go into further detail later today.

Take-Two also revealed that the bump pushes Max Payne 3 into the 2012/2013 financial year, and that it will shave $210 - $230 million off it's current financial expectations - suggesting a direct revenue target for Rockstar's third-person shooter.

"We do not take changes to our release schedule lightly, and this short delay will ensure that Max Payne 3 delivers the highest quality, groundbreaking entertainment experience that is expected from our company," said Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick.

Take-Two also hinted at "other titles yet to be announced for release" in fiscal 2013.

Early rumours had GTA 5's release date down as May, but Max Payne 3's shift now appears to make that highly unlikely.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New GTA V Details coming out in February

One fan anxious for GTA news recently emailed Rockstar for more details about their upcoming open world sequel.

According to Gameranx, the fan sent Rockstar an e-mail with regards to Grand Theft Auto V details. According to his post on the Rockstar forums, he wasn't really expecting much of a response, but Rockstar followed up with the following e-mail.

"For news on Grand Theft Auto V keep an eye on the Rockstar Newswire in the coming month:
Rockstar Games"

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Beware Of GTA V Beta Offers, gta5freebeta.com and others are a SCAM!!!

There is a rogue site doing the rounds lately claiming to be GTA V beta. it is infact a scam and no such thing exists. the site in question is gta5freebeta.com and it states:

"Welcome to gta5freebeta.com, the only place where you can get the Grand Theft Auto 5 beta for free! We give out only 300 beta downloads a week because of the limited amount we have due to popularity. Because of this, you are limtied to one(1) download per person. The betas work and are 100% functional."

Do not fall for this junk. it could be a virus or something. no GTAV beta exists. please share this post with your friends to warn them too.

Another site is http://betagtav.com/ which again is a scam. if you know of any others please do leave a comment and we will post it up.

Update: here is another fake scam site offering GTAV beta http://gtavbeta.co.cc/
Another update: here is another fake scamming site http://GTAVbeta.info 

Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos (Beta 1.021 X8Y3Z8) (Country Side Tester)

Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos (Beta 1.021 X8Y3Z8) (Country Side Tester)

Found this online. Real Or Fake?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

GTA V coming 2013?

Some sources have said May or June, which is encouraging. But recent European evidence points toward a longer a wait.

According to some info posted in the GTAForums, estimated release dates for Grand Theft Auto V have been found at a German and Norwegian retailer (GameStop.de and GameZone.no).

It's obvious that both only have placeholder dates, but the interesting part is that both dates are in 2013; March 2013, to be more exact. The German GameStop site gives GTAV a March 18, 2013 date, while GameZone.no says it'll be here on March 31, 2013. Now, games can launch later in Europe but recently, most big titles release only a few days later in Europe as compared to the North American launch. Another point to consider is that Rockstar's Max Payne 3 is set for a release this March, so many are wondering if GTAV would be on store shelves as soon as May...

Well, as far as we're concerned, the sooner the better.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rockstar Looking For GTA V Testers

Rockstar North is currently looking for Game Testers to play test Grand Theft Auto V on a 12 month contract, paying around £14,000. The successful candidate will be based in the Rockstar North offices and will be tasked with playing the game over and over again, looking for potential bugs and flaws. The advert reads:

"Games Tester
Rockstar North is looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals to join our QA team in Edinburgh.
Successful applicants will have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to observe attention to detail. You will have good general computer skills and be a confident learner working with word processing, databases and spreadsheets."

You can apply for the job here.

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