Sunday, 1 April 2012

GTA V Official Release Date Confirmed

We have some good news GTA V Fans, After contacting rockstar many times about the game and release date, We have finally been given a date, which is yet to be released to the public, Why we got it first i do not know but you will never know unless you ask. So that's what we did and i can confirm the release date of GTA V is December 17th 2012, why this date i do not know but in a statement from rockstar they have confirmed with us, See below:

"Hi and thank you for writing to us, We can confirm that GTA V will be released no later than December 17th 2012 in time for christmas, We have not released any info to the public yet and understand the fans frustration, However we are glad to tell you guys that it will indeed be out this year"

then they go on to tell us about the trailer and so on, We asked about the 2nd trailer and was told it will be out within the next week or so, Keep your eyes peeled.

So there you have it, GTA V will be released December 17th 2012 as confirmed in a email sent by Rockstar on 01/04/2012


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  2. Awe you removed my comment. Lol was hoping for an educated response. Guess I was right with what I said.

    1. everyone who read this blog post knew it was april fools joke. no need to explain myself


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