Tuesday, 1 May 2012

GTA V to be shown before E3? A number of analysts seem to think so

A growing number of analysts, including some of the ones we have spoken with, believe that Grand Theft Auto V will be shown right before E3. One of the best known analysts, none other than Michael Patcher at Wedbush Morgan, believes that Rockstar will show it in a pre-show blowout before E3. Some we have spoken with claim that it is possible, while others tell us they doubt it will happen.

Patcher claims that Rockstar has outgrown the show and thinks they are way too cool to attend, and they instead would rather steal everyone’s thunder by dropping this bomb right before the event starts. It should be noted that Rockstar North has not participated in E3 in a long time. The last time we remember they attended was when they showed up at Sony’s press conference showing Agent for the PS3.

Release dates for GTA V are being tossed around, suggesting an October launch. With BioShock 2 scheduled for release in October, it is hard for us to think that Take 2 would push two big games like this out so close together, as this could have the potential to impact sales for both titles.

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