Friday, 23 March 2012

Chief Magazine: GTA V details and Images coming next week

IT seems like Grand Theft Auto franchise fans will have the first details and images of GTA V next week. Nederlands Magazine "Chief" has released cover of its upcoming April issue teasing fans that GTA V details is coming next week. 

The text on the cover reads as follow after translation: 
The mystery solved 
The first images 
Los Santos already mapped 
Who will be the new Niko Bellic? 
The tweet along the image stated, “Next week in stores, now already on your plate: the first GTA 5 cover in the world.” 

We have the this teasing cover for you below. Check it out. Well we still can't guarantee that new information about GTA V will arrive next week as this teaser cover might be a fan-made who is trying to play a BIG APRIL FOOL JOKE on Grand Theft Auto community

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