Monday, 26 March 2012


Someone claiming to be a friend of a recently fired Rockstar employee has posted a bunch of Grand Theft Auto V details online.
The original information was posted on Gamespot’s Forums but has since been deleted.
The poster claims that his friend, ”recently got sacked from RockStar North for general misconduct,” and since his contract is no longer valid he has decided to release the information.
According to the information, the main protagonist is called Albert de Silva who is a member of a former Vice City crime gang. Silva has decided to move away from the gang lifestyle and settle in Los Santos with his son Kevin.
GTA V’s map will be around five times larger than GTA IV’s with Los Santos taking up around half of this area. The map will be split into three areas which can all be explored via aircraft.
The game will apparently feature 32-player multiplayer, and players can create gangs and earn rep. Gang activities include robbing stores and sneaking into military bases to steal weapons. Gang leaders can rank members and set objectives.
Finally the source mentions that the game will release May 2013.
Some other information:
  • Police chases are now way more than either running or driving. Depending on how wanted you are, police may bring out riot shields and flash bangs. When someone reaches 4 star wanted level, there will be a radio warning on some stations.
  • Radio stations now do traffic reports that are actually correct. So if you don’t know what route to take, you can check the traffic reports on your phone or the radio.
  • The in-game TV now has many more channels
  • The protagonist does not die unlike in the last two Rockstar games.
  • The underworld actually has a working economy that you can contribute too by buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal cars in single-player.
  • The protagonist can take drugs which will have some effects. Smoking weed on the street will lead to getting a one star wanted level.
  • Police cars will go after you if you’re obviously breaking the speed limit. Having high speed crashes will also damage your health.
This is a lot information to take in, and it’s hard to determine how real it is. Based on the source we’re incredibly reluctant to believe any of it, but some points do make sense, such as the gang activities and rep earning as we’ve already been told that ‘Crews’ can be carried over from Max Payne 3. We really hope that the point about the police chasing you if your blatantly speed is false, as this could really wreck some of the high-speed fun you can have in the game and will certainly annoy a lot of fans. We’ll have to wait for a comment from Rockstar to find out the real truth.

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  1. Hell no, i love the speed breaking rule. Ive always wanted a REAL LIFE style GTA.

    Id love to see cars being given blinkers as well!


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