Wednesday, 16 November 2011

GTA V Gets the Minecraft Treatment

Surely you've seen the GTA V trailer by now? Well, now you can see nearly all of it redone in the world of Minecraft. Sure, the voice-over is slightly different and the soundtrack is slightly lacking, but creator Dennis Variede did a bang-up job of recreating some difficult set pieces and challenging GTA scenes. Marvel at the Minecraftian "Vinewood" sign, appreciate the finely detailed Minecraft cleaning supply robbers, and laugh at the Minecraftian golf game (how did they do that?). Tip of the hat to our friends at Game Bandits for the link.

Variede's video an impressive effort and reminds us that Minecraft's full version is finally getting a release on November 18th. Check out GamePro throughout this week for our ongoing coverage of Minecraft Week-- complete with news, features, and more cool Minecraftian creations.

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