Thursday, 17 November 2011

GTA V Map Leaked?

And here comes a major leak for Rockstar’s upcoming GTA game, GTA V. It appears that an insider has just leaked Vinewood’s map and you can view some screenshots of it after the jump. Our sources tell us that this is legit and is actually the map that will be featured in GTA V, but as always, take that with a grain of salt. In addition – and contrary to some other map leaks that have appeared on the web some weeks ago – this does look like the real deal.

Now obviously, there could be some differences with the final version of GTA V’s map. Let’s not forget that the game is not finalized yet, so this could actually be its prototype ‘in-progress’ map. On the other hand, we can notice some similarities with GTA IV (like the menus and the gun that the character is holding) but these could be simple placeholders.

So, as always, take everything you’re going to see with a grain of salt.

GTA V is currently slated for a 2012 release on current generation consoles and PC. Here is hoping that the PC version will be released alongside the console versions this time around!

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  1. not real...R* said that this will be their most largest map of all games red dead redemption, LA Noire ...this is nothing compared to la noire this is even smaller than RDR


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