Thursday, 3 November 2011

GTA V Trailer Analysis

GTA V Trailer Analysis

"Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather,
Or the, I don't know that thing, that magic,
You see it in the movies,
I wanted to retire from what I was doing,
You know, from that, that line of work,
Be a good guy for once, a family man,
So, I bought a big house, came here, put my feet up,
Thought I'd be a dad like all the other dad's,
My kids, will be like the kids on TV, we play ball and sit in the sun,
But, well, you know how it is."

The Protagonist
• The main character is alluded to be a career criminal of sorts, choosing to retire from a life of crime to reform himself.
• The ethnicity of the main character is unknown exactly, but he appears to be a light-skinned male of either Caucasian or Hispanic background.

• The time period is apparently present-day.
• It has been confirmed that the game takes place in San Andreas.

• Confirmed areas in Los Santos include the Del Perro Freeway, Downtown district, East Los Santos, Little Seoul, the Los Puerta Freeway, Los Santos Bay, Muscle Sands, Pleasure Pier, Vespucci Beach, and Vinewood.
• Golf course
• Liquor Ace Grocery
• Mile High Club skyscraper/building complex
• Mount Chiliad
• Oil refinery
• Wind farm


• 24/7
• Bugstar Pest Control (Putting the FU in fumigate/Call 1-999-BUGSTAR/BUG-'R'-US)
• Daily Globe News
• E-Cola
• Pisswasser
• Pizza This
• Postal (We Aim Not To Lose It)
• STD Contractors
• Up-N-Atom Burgers (Once it pings, eat like Kings)

Confirmed Vehicles
• Bicycles
• Blimp, it is unknown whether they are interactively piloted.
• Buffalo
• Caddy
• Cognoscenti
• Convertibles. They may be interactive now.
• Crop Duster airplane.
• Emperor (White car infront of Landstalker and black Premier)
• Futo
• Huntley
• Jet skis (Speedophile 2000).
• Landstalker
• Habanero
• Hydra(?) Fighter jet
• Mesa
• Phantom
• Phoenix
• Pinnacle
• Police Maverick
• Pony
• Seaplane
• Semi-trailers
• Serrano
• Shamal jet plane
• Surf board, unknown whether or not it is interactive.
• Rancher
• Rebla
• Tornado
• Unique license plates
• Vader
• Vapid police cruiser

• Animals, including dogs and tangible birds.
• Bank/jewelry store is shown being robbed, possibly meaning a heist mission or activity.
• Basketball.
• Character enhancement (working out) maybe be back as a feature, as there is exercise equipment seen.
• Duffel bags return.
• House is shown being foreclosed, hinting real estate as a return or recession themes.

• AK47 rifle equipped with a silencer.
• Gun customization is a strong possibility.

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